iTalk... The Home of Chris and Mary.

iTalk was an Irish radio talk show. It was broadcast in the West and North-west of Ireland from Sunday to Thursday from 10 p.m. too 1 a.m. It is broadcasted on i102-104 and was presented originally by Chris Greene & Mary McGill. Then Mary Mcgill & Peter Ganley. iTalk was about getting people talking about the topical issues of the day, about celebrity shockers, the latest internet crazes and everything in-between. Most importantly, it was about getting young people talking about what matters most to them. The show ended in June 2011 when both Mary and Peter left the station following cutbacks and the merger of i105 with i102. Chris Greene returned to the slot in August 2011 and the show was renamed "The Cracked I".


Italk started at 10.00PM and ended at 1.00AM.