Mary McGill
Mary (Who Works on the Show)
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Mary Mc Gill, Macker
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Mary (Who Works on the Show) is from Lovely Leitrim in the west of Ireland. Her favourite things in the world are Ice-Cream and all things apple (the computer brand). Mary travelled around America when she was younger. She also worked in the publishing industry. She now works for i102-104. Mary holds a BA in Media Studies and an MA in English Literature and Publishing. While at university, she was selected as a candidate for the prestigious Television and Young People programme at the Guardian International Film Festival in Edinburgh. Mary was also a finalist in the Vogue magazine talent competition for young writers. For that, she went to Vogue House in London for lunch. While there she chatted with the editors, which she loved. Mary goes for a jog almost everyday whi;e listening to all her favourite music (on apple of course). She once dated Steve the hairdresser, whom she has gone to the South of France with.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Mary can't swim.
  • Mary loves all things apple.
  • One of Mary's favourite songs is Sleepyhead by Passion Pit.
  • Her father is from Letterkenny.


Mary is the presenter for i102-104's radio programme "iTalk". She works with Darragh, the researcher for the show.

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